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How to pay rent

You can pay your rent using internet or a bank office. It is not possible to pay with cash at Kemicentrum. 

Pay by Swedish bank account

If you have a Swedish bank account, pay to Bankgiro 5051-4728.

Pay at bank office

If you pay at a bank office, bring your invoice!

Pay with credit card

To pay your rent on the internet with your credit card, go to the Lund University online payment site, and follow the instructions. 

Pay via bank in another country

Use the following information to pay via your bank in your home country:

  • BankGiroBIC/SWIFT-code: DABASESX
  • IBAN: SE86 1200 0000 0128 1011 9309
  • BankGiro account number: 5051-4728
  • Bank address:
    Danske Bank Norrmalmstorg 1
    Box 7523
    103 92 Stockholm
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