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8.4 Infectious and sharp/pointed waste

This category includes:

 1) Liquid infectious/microbiological waste such as

  • Bodily fluids from humans (blood/urine not tissue)
  • Microorganisms in risk class 1 (cell culture waste classed at a minimum risk)
  • Microorganisms in risk classes 2 and 3*
  • GMM waste, and also genetically modified cell cultures
  • GMO plants*
  • Low-level radioactive liquid which has been contamineted with the above
  • Liquid as above which has also been exposed to chemicals/pharmaceuticals, e.g. anitibiotics

2) Solid infectious waste such as

  • Materials which have been in contact with or have been used in dealing with the above such as blood sample tubes, Eppendorf tubes, Pasteur pipettes, pipette tips, filter paper, gloves paper towels etc.
  • Pointed/sharp objects, such as cannulas, needles, lancets, slides and the like, regardless of whether they have been in contact with infectious materials.

Note! Management requires permit/report. Management of waste (liquid or solid) must follow the waste rules which are stated in the report.

Other waste categories

Certain waste categories must always be packed in a "sharps container" or a plastic container:

  • Pointed/sharp materials (Do not recap the needles after use. Discard them directly into the "sharps container")
  • Culture materials in risk class 2 if high titre (high cell concentration), e.g. culture plates.
  • Culture materials with airborne infectious matter in risk class 2/airborne infectious GMM category L independent of titre.   

When the container is full dispose in cardboard box as described below.

The infectious and sharp waste containers should be put in the white cardboard box marked "Smittförande/skärande/stickande" (infectious/sharp).

The boxes can be picked up at the janitor´s office. When the box is full, the plastic bag shall be sealed with a cable-ties or tape and the box should be closed up and sealed with tape.

  • Write your name and contact info on the top of the box. Underline the correct category for the waste.
  • Print out and fill in the Declaration of goods.
  • Bring the box to the janitor´s office and weigh it before putting it in the pick-up room.

Note! Needles, cannulas, syringes, razor blades etc. that are contaminated with chemicals must be placed in a "sharps container" or a plastic container labeled with correct pictogram, such as flammable, toxic etc. These containers will be collected as chemical waste.

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