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New employees and guests

On first arrival

When arriving to Kemicentrum you are to be introduced to all personnel at the department/division, representatives for general safety and fire safety and the facilities. You will receive keys and entrance card after reading the conditions stated for handling these. You will also receive basic information of the organization and general safety regulations for Kemicentrum. You will be informed of the routines and plans in case of an evacuation, power outage, water outage or other emergencies. Information in fire safety (rules, extinguishers, alarm buttons, emergency exits) and information about laboratory work and routines are also given. 

Your supervisor is responsible for giving you this information.

Housing at Kemicentrum

Kemicentrum have some apartments and corridor rooms that can be rented by foreign guests, such as post docs, researchers, lecturers and PhD students.

About our guest lodgings

Safety and security

Kemicentrum is a complex building where security and safety is of most importance. To be able to work and study at Kemicentrum you have to read and make sure you understand the safety regulations of Kemicentrum. This is mandatory.

General safety regulations

Reassembly points

In case of emergency drill, make sure you find your reassembly point.

General safety regulations: Reassembly points

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