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8.6 Glass waste

Broken, clean, and disposable glass should be put in the brown cardboard box marked "Glasavfall" (Glass waste). When the box is full, close it up and make sure no glass has punctured the box. The glass waste box will be picked up at your local recycling station.


  1. Broken laboratory glass that are contaminated with chemicals must be placed in a box or package that cannot be penetrated through, for example a palstic jar, and handled as chemical waste. The box/container should be labelled with what type of waste and the correct hazard pictogram according to CLP.
  2. Empty glass solvent bottles must remain in the fume hood until the content has evaporated, rinse if necessary. Remove the label and the pictogram or cross over the text and the pictogram on the bottle. Place the empty and clean glass solvent bottles at your local recycling station.
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