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9.1 Plan of Action for Power and/or Ventilation Failure

It is vital to consider the possible consequences of power and/or ventilation failure and when doing risk assessments for laboratory work/experiment.

Power Failure

Loss of power will cause loss of ventilation. Loss of ventilation will cause evacuation alarm. It is vital to consider the possible consequences of a power outage when doing risk assessment for laboratory work. This includes consideration of measures that would have to be taken in the event of a power and ventilation failure.

During a power failure it is likely that the internet connection is interrupted. Akademiska Hus is responsible for emergency backup lighting at Kemicentrum. All magnetically secured fire doors will close upon loss of electricity. When the fire doors close it can be difficult to orient oneself in the facilities.

Ventilation Failure

During an electrical failure, ventilation in fume hoods, fume benches, chemical cabinets and chemical storage areas will cease to function. There is a risk for spreading of health-hazardous and/or flammable fumes during ventilation failure.

  • Close all containers with flammable material, shut down heating in the laboratory set-up and then close the hatch.
  • Close all doors to labs.

If an experiment could become dangerous during a power/ventilation failure then remedies for such a possibility should be considered already in the planning stage.

Elevator stoppage

During a power failure, elevators are halted with the consequence that people and goods can be trapped therein. In the event of a power failure, Akademiska Hus is responsible for investigating and, when necessary, evacuating the elevators. Alarm buttons are found in all elevators.

If a power failure occurs outside of normal working hours

Lund University Security Centre will contact key personnel at Kemicentrum.

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