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7. Signs and Symbols


The legislation that regulate labelling, signs and symbols of chemicals is called CLP Classification and Legislation - Swedish Chemicals Agency and entered into force in January 2009. CLP stands for Classification, Labelling and Packaging. The classification and labelling of certain hazardous chemicals must be harmonized to ensure adequate risk management throughout the European Union.

Harmonized classifications and labelling are mandatory for the suppliers of respective substances so that users are better informed about their potential hazardous effects and how best to make use of them safely.


Labelling of chemicals follow CLP regulation and is harmonized with Globally Harmonized System, GHS which will give a world wide standard for classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals. This legislation replace the previous Swedish legislation KIFS 2005:7

All other labels and sign, Prohibition, Warning, Mandatory, Emergency and Fire safety signs follow AFS 2020:1 (in Swedish), Signs and signals and amending regulations, and 19§ and 20§ AFS 2011:19 (in Swedish), both provided by Swedish Work Environment Authority

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