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8.5 Sharp/Pointed waste

This category includes sharp / pointed waste e.g. disposable needles, scalpels, razor blades etc. which have been contaminated with chemicals labelled with either flammable, corrosive or toxic pictograms.

The waste must always be placed in a packaging which cannot be penetrated, e.g. plastic or glass container, and must be managed as chemical waste.

If the waste is infectious and sharp/pointed, follow the intructions in 8.4 Infectious and sharp/pointed waste.

Pack the plastic/glass container in brown cardboard box and mark it "Chemical waste". The brown cardboard box can be picked up at the janitors office. When the box is full, the plastic bag inside the box shall be sealed with a cable-tie or tape and the box shall be closed up and sealed with tape. The "Chemical waste" will be collected by SYSAV at your department.

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